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I have used these Droll Yankees window feeders for years. The are easy to installs during restock with seed, very durable and provide an excellent view for watching the birds feed. This bird feeder uses a recycled trash can lid and an old partitioned plate. The partitions help you segregate different types of edibles for the birds to feed on, and not only bird seed.

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  • Birds will flock only if they see that there is a fresh supply of food and water.
  • In this suction cup bird feeder birds can’t perch on the sloped roofing, so it would not get messy with bird droppings the way flat topped feeders do.
  • Having birds to watch can provide hours of stimulation.
  • Because it can hold at least 3 cups of seed, it can feed as many birds as possible.
  • I go out and sweep up all the shells and seeds they drop every few days, but they haven't made any other mess than that.

If you decide for any reason that this feeder is not right for you or it fails in any way, we will refund 100% of your purchase or replace the product with no questions asked. Whereas nuthatches or cardinals can be a little more skittish and might visit less frequently and be more easily disturbed by you coming close to the window. If you have the option, evergreens are best at providing coverage. A distance of feet is ideal for providing close shelter, while it is also far enough away for squirrels and cats. If you want to treat your squirrels you can even get them a feeder like the ones here to keep them busy. Put bird decals on the outside surface of window glass.

Our High Perch™ Hummingbird Feeder is the perfect way to attract hummingbirds to any yard. Our feeders allow hummingbirds to hover or perch while feeding. Our feeders do not leak, and most models feature a built-in ant moat to deter crawling insects. These feeders are easy to clean and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Wild Bills 8 Station Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Still, like any other feeder toddler toys , it is important to read the fine prints and get inspiration from expert birders on which bird feeder is best for your type of window. Some of the best feeders are featured in this article. Although not a requirement, a bonus feature would be having a one-way mirror. Because you can then approach your window while the birds eat without scaring them away. This is very useful if you have kids in the house that you can’t easily control and get too excited when they see the birds perch on the feeders.

First Nature 32 Oz Hummingbird Feeder

I had a small RSBB window feeder last year which I really enjoyed but which shattered when the suckers gave up. This latest model lasted one day before falling and disintegrating owing to the poor plastic, suckers and design which allows large birds eg pidgeons to land on it. After just a week of putting this window feeder up, the blue tits are becoming braver and spending more time feeding. It’s a joy to watch them and makes for amazing close up photography. I bought this to try and foil the greedy starlings who eat all the food on the bird table before the little birds have the chance.

Window Bird Feeder With Strong Suction Cup, Removable Hanging Wild Bird Fee S9h2

All in all, the Perky-Pet Window Mount Hummingbird Feeder is a fantastic bird feeder choice. Just make sure you use an ant moat to keep ants away, and a bee guard to prevent bees from swarming. One thing I don’t like about the Perky-Pet Window Mount Hummingbird Feeder is how it attracts bees and ants. I had to purchase a separate bee guard just to secure the nectar for the birds. The sweet scent of nectar attracts them and not even cleaning the glass windows can keep them away.

Cheeky Birds

The arch will give an unobstructed view of birds from the other side of the window. You can use it from most showcase items that have these kinds of swing sets, or you can get one from a doll house. If you plan on making it yourself, you can use small twigs or small wooden plywood sticks. All in all, this idea seems like it would look really neat on your porch, next to your own swing, or in a garden.

This acrylic bird feeder is a great way to attract all different types of birds right to your window and watch them up close. Made out of thick and durable clear plastic with strong detachable suction cups on the back of the feeder for attaching to windows or doors. The design allows for you to view the birds with ease and clearness. Whatever the full case, the joy of bird watching will in no way be the exact same again as soon as you get a hold of a window bird feeder that gives you the best view.