Two Arm trap bar deadlift Dumbbell Curls

Supinate the hands and curl the dumbbells as normal. Grab a barbell or dumbbells and perform 7-half reps from the bottom to 90 degrees. With the hands closer together (i.e. narrower grip) the long heard of the biceps brachii (i.e. the outside of the upper arm) is targeted. When you grab a dumbbell or barbell too far down into the distal fingertips of your hand, it puts a lot of stress on the medial elbow. If you can’t handle a heavy load, I would choose this wrist curl variation.

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  • However, if you do focus more and try to optimize the exercise, then you will achieve better muscle growth.
  • Keep your elbows glued to your sides during the movement.
  • Probably the biggest mistake people make is letting their elbows shift forward as they curl the bar up.
  • You’ll need to do a little MacGyvering here and make your own bench.
  • To perform hammer curls, hold a dumbbell in each hand and allow your arms to hang down on either side of you with your palms facing your thighs instead of forward.

It's trap bar deadlift also a great variation for improving your shoulder stability. So you’ve mastered the 'simple', seated hammer curl and now you’re looking for a way to make the exercise more challenging. Don’t worry, we have you covered with these two variations that will both isolate the brachialis and long head and give you a deeper and more intense workout.

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Curl the weight up towards the shoulder creating flexion only at the elbow. Many biceps curl variations can be used to train the biceps muscle in a workout. Small changes to the grip, hand position, angle of elbow flexion, and range of motion used will change the synergist muscles engaged during the exercise. To perform the barbell curl, grab the barbell with hands approximately shoulder-width apart and stand tall with the chest up. From that position, with arms extended, pin the elbows in tight to the ribcage and focus on hinging only at the elbow. By doing so, the forearm should rise up until the hands are approximately in line with the shoulder before lowering the bar back to the starting position.

Remember to keep your elbows close to your sides and locked into the right position in order to fully engage the biceps. EZ bar curl is an advanced variation of the dumbbell curl. By doing so, you’ll get a better pump, which in turn, stretches muscle cell membranes and stimulates hypertrophy. The lighter weights will also allow you to perfect your form so you are doing the exercise correctly and feeling the movement in the biceps muscle. Hold for 1-2 seconds and then slowly lower the weight to the starting position.

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For some reason, doing barbell curls usually means you can lift a much heavier weight. So instead of doing dumbbell curls with a 25-pound dumbbell in each hand, you might be able to curl a 60-pound barbell. The reverse curl is one of the best bicep curl variations that also engages your forearms during the curling motion.

By starting laying down with your arms towards the ground, your brachii muscle is at a deficit with less leverage than if you were standing. This bicep exercise is very similar to the preacher curl but you use a barbell instead of dumbbells and work both arms at the same time. This exercise is done in the same way as the barbell curl, but it uses an E-Z bar instead of a barbell.

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Another great opportunity to take advantage of the twist and recruit more muscle fibers. Be sure to use a full range of motion when performing one arm preacher curls. Seated on the end of a bench, place a barbell in your lap, and curl it up. Lower the bar down towards your thighs and curl it up again. This seated barbell curl will really focus on developing the peak of your bicep during contractions. Also known as the barbell curl’s little brother, dumbbells allow you to supinate and pronate the wrist in order to activate more muscle fibers.

These biceps curl variations are a good starting point if you’re looking to build up your arms. You should also check out these other articles from BarBend. If you’re a bodybuilder, then you’ll most likely follow a workout split that has you train your arms on one day or pair your biceps with your back and triceps with your chest. Strength athletes or general gym-goers can tack two to three biceps exercises onto the end of any workout.